Compression load cell 363YH-5T-YZ

363-YH-5t-YZ Compressie Loadcell 03489
363-YH-5t-YZ Compressie Loadcell 03489

Low profile compression load cell, version in nickel plated steel. Protection class IP67.

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  1. Type: 363YH-5T-YZ Description: Compression load cell Weighing capacity: 5000 kg Item code: 001792 Price € 255.00 Special offer! (As lon as stock lasts).

Compression load cell 363YH-5T-YZ

Compression loadcell, nickel plated steel construction, suitable for weighing  of tanks, silos, funnels, etc.

  • low profile
  • constructed in nickel-plated steel alloy
  • IP67 protection
  • capacity 5 tons
  • shielded connection cable
  • for technical data: see leaflet